When will CTG launch?
CTG had an original public release date of early 2018, through some pre-release testing we got great feedback that would make the game even better. Over 2018 we sat down and went through the feedback given and modified CTG to be even more enjoyable. We are super excited with CTG as it enters its public-beta phase in anticipation of full production. Be sure to sign-up to get the latest on our release plans.
How do I buy it?
Our current plans are to initially launch via the Kickstarter platform. There we will also have the opportunity to offer the market further production refinements depending on the various stretch goals. Post kickstarter, we hope to make the product available for both wholesale and direct sale internationally.
How much will it cost?
The production values are still being finalised, though we are aiming to make this game very price competitive and accessible to a wide audience.
Wow I'm excited too - how can I support this further?
So many people are catching the CTG bug. Fast, fun and simple cooperative play is so enjoyable. Please keep an eye out for our upcoming kickstarter campaign where you can show your support.
I am a professional game reviewer / blogger. Can I review your game?
Absolutely - we are very interested in quality reviews. Please send us your details to reviews@chronoteamgo.com so we can arrange a press-pack for you.
How do I test your game?
Testing is definitely the key to a great game! We are running out a variety of open and closed game testing events initially around Brisbane. Sign-up to our info list or keep checking in to this site for more information on our next event.
I've read the rules / played the game and feel I can contribute.
Have a question or suggestion? We welcome any feedback on the rules and CTG gameplay. Please send your recommendations through to feedback@chronoteamgo.com for our serious consideration.
Who is the game aimed at?
CTG has been designed for most anyone to play while introducing modern game mechanics. With a fast set-up and duration, CTG is a great cooperative social game for new and advanced gamers alike.
I want it now.
Believe us when we say - we can't wait to launch as soon as possible too! But we want to get it right. Having said that, do sign-up and express your interest. We may run a limited pre-release offer for those early adopters!
Are there any expansions planned?
The current CTG package is quite balanced and streamlined. Having said that, with its rich emerging lore and character, there are places we think CTG could expand into down the road. But for now, we're focused on the main offering being the best it can be.